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Thangs memberships

Thangs memberships

Discover and support your next, favorite independent 3D designer

Most of the time I live in the real world but sometimes I get to go to the 3D Printing World where conventional rules don’t apply, your thoughts can become a reality....
_If you love 80's & 90's nostalgia, anime, video games, and more....this is the spot for you!_
A Team that brings nostalgia to life, crafting 3D print collectibles of timeless characters. We fuel connections and community through the power of iconic toys and tales. Get [Discord]( Benefits when you join as a [Member]( **or** join our free [Discord Community]( Don't forget to check us out at []( Get in on the **vote ** for next months models on [Patreon](!
A 3d print designer, artist and enthusiast. I love experimenting with 3d print techniques. Want to support me? Supporters can save 40% using code: Sup40 Commercial members can save 20% using code: Com20
I make silly videos about serious projects! Find me on YouTube, and download all my stuff here to build yourself.
A husband wife team that enjoys making stuff. We hope you like the end results.
**I design useful and enjoyable products for your household.** Everything is **support free** and can be printed on a standard fdm printer. **Become a member** and be the first to print my designs! 🙂