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I am building a catalogue of exclusive 3D models aiming to create the most value for my supporters. When I started cranking out prints on my Ender 3, I fell in love with the magic of the hobby. Since then, I have used my love for printing to pull off multiple successful in-person events, as well as success with online sales.

I plan on continuing to use that knowledge, along with my evolving 3D modeling skills to help others wanting to take their hobby to the next level; be it a simple side hustle, helpful prints to make your in person events easier, or as an established online seller successfully selling my designs to your customers.

I promise to continue to grow my skills, learn about my supporters needs, and evolve my strategies to help create success for everyone who uses my designs.

I'm looking forward to getting to know you, and I hope you find that the value of joining far outweighs the monthly cost.

Welcome to Peter Prints!


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Join now and receive unlimited access to all of my models immediately. This membership also allows commercial resale of the physical prints of my models while you are subscribed. I am currently attempting a schedule of one model per week, depending on model complexity. I have a wide range of interests and ideas, and this will be reflected in my models. I also am working with multiple modeling workflows, so I hope to offer both practical and organic models. Thank you for supporting my modeling, my goal is to do this full time, so I am very thankful for every member that supports me!

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Celebrate World Sea Turtle Week!

Celebrate World Sea Turtle Week!

World Sea Turtle Day is 6/16/24! Some awesome tidbits about Sea Turtles for World Turtle Week! Sea turtles maintain the jellyfish population. They double as the ocean’s lawnmowers. (They eat Seagrass) They can hold their breath for up to five hours. They cannot retract their head and legs into t

Celebrate Arachnids!

Celebrate Arachnids! isn't World Spider Day or anything, like my current trend has been - but I don't think that matters because I've fallen in love with these little guys (and gals!). Jumping spiders are among the arachnids that probably give most people the creepy crawlies. However, like a lot of people have



In the early 1900s, sea otters were hunted nearly to extinction (only about 2000 left in the wild) for their fur. Thankfully, due to conservation efforts, there are over 100,000 sea otters worldwide - but they are still considered and endangered species, with oil spills and nets posing a threat to

Celebrate World Turtle Day 

Celebrate World Turtle Day 5/23/24

Show your support for World Turtle Day 2024 by downloading my time limited availability fully-articulating baby sea turtle! Looking into those big eyes, you know you want to! These are great fun to print (only 13g for the lil guys) and I'm printing up all sorts of colors to give away to whomever I