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This Baby Sea Turtle says "Hello"!
This Baby Sea Turtle says "Hello"!

Celebrate World Turtle Day 5/23/24

Show your support for World Turtle Day 2024 by downloading my time limited availability fully-articulating baby sea turtle! Looking into those big eyes, you know you want to! These are great fun to print (only 13g for the lil guys) and I'm printing up all sorts of colors to give away to whomever I meet - because I just love this model so much!

Had a blast learning about sea turtles as I made this model, such as the fact that when they reach the water after hatching, they enter a swimming frenzy. They will swim almost continuously for 24-48 hours. This behavior is meant to get them into deeper water quicker to make them less vulnerable to predators.

Help celebrate World Turtle Day, and print some baby sea turtles to give away to your friends and family, too!