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HMG7.2 ADXL345 22.5mm Horizontal Mount.stl

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HMG7.2 ADXL345 22.5mm Horizontal Mount.stl 3d model
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This STL is a component of the Hero Me Gen7 Printhead assembly for 3D printers.

Hero Me Gen7 is a modular printhead platform for 3D printers with excellent part cooling and the most compatibility across printers, hotends, extruders, ABLs, and other components.

The Hero Me Gen7 is all about choice and personal preference. If you have been upgrading your 3D printer, you've made choices about what is important to you, Your choices are likely going to be different from everyone else. When choosing a hotend, extruder, and ABL combo (not to mention fans and accelerometers), where are you going to find a printhead platform that will accommodate all your selected components (which could be a rare combo), for your specific 3D printer AND provides part cooling that gives you great print results. This is what the Hero Me Gen7 is all about!

Think of the Hero Me platform as lego blocks for printheads, there are mounting parts for each component (hotend, extruder, fans, ABLs, etc.) that stack and mount to a core Base. Component specific mounting parts can be interchanged for another of the same type. So, should you change your component selection(s) in the future, you do not have to start over, you simple replace the single STL mount that is matched to the new component. There is no need to yet again go looking for a new set of mounting hardware that was not likely to have been designed to work with each other in the first place.

So to give you choice and fulfill your personal preferences in 3D printing, the Hero Me Gen7.3.2 now supports over 100 3D Printer models (plus clones), 46 Hotends, 34 Extruders (over 45 mount options), 17 ABL Sensors (34 mount options), 35 Part Cooling Duct options, 12 Cable Management options, 11 ADXL345 mounts, and 4 LED bar mounts (among many other options). Gen7.3.2 supports most of the popular 3D printers and components available.

If you know your 3D printer model, hotend, fans, and optionally an extruder, ABL sensor, ADXL345 accelerometer (for Klipper), and any other options for your printhead assembly, you can scan through the Hero Me Gen7 Release 3.2 folder, or use the Thangs Advanced Search. Be sure to set the creator filter to: ‘MediaMan3D’ then search for ‘HMG7’ which should bring up all the STLs. You can refine your search from there by component, brand, etc.

If you find that you have a 3D printer model or component that is not yet supported, send me information and preferably a STEP or STL (or link) if you know of one for the X carriage of that printer or the component and I will create a mount for it. Send to:

If you want Hero Me documentation… The Hero Me Gen7.3.2 folder of STLs on Thangs is organized into sub-folders by component category, with sub—sub-folders for type and brand with well defined filenames to make it easy to find what you need. If you want documentation to help you select and assemble the Hero Me Gen7 for your specific 3D printer, you can get a membership plan here on Thangs. You will get a detailed 56 page parts selection and illustrated assembly guide along with assembly videos, private Discord server access (with over 2,000 Hero Me users), technical support, and much more, You also get exclusive access to new STL releases 30 days before being posted to Thangs, and other STL libraries. Check out the membership plans here:

0 Likes1 DownloadsMay 20, 2023

0 Likes1 DownloadsMay 20, 2023