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Apple Lightning Connector by Taptic Digital full viewable 3d model
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Apple Lightning Connector 3d model
Apple Lightning Connector 3d model
Apple Lightning Connector 3d model

5 Likes5 DownloadsApril 30, 2023

Giant. Lightning. Plug.

Continuing my tradition of printing #BigTech, I give you the Apple Lightning charging plug. This is meant to be printed very large, to act as a scale model or display. It is not designed with functionality in mind, though someone far more clever than I could probably make it work for something.

I've included a pre-sized up version of the stl, bringing the model to roughly 700%, while other parts are scaled slightly smaller/slimmer so they should fit together decently.

Glue is required to get the pins to stay in place, unless you just have really incredible tolerance skills.

Printing instructions:

Infill: 20% - 40%

Layer Height: 0.2mm or smaller

No supports for anything

The metal housing at the top contains some very fragile bridges, I recommend printing this in either PLA+ or something more durable like PETG.

This is a modified version of the model originally uploaded by Mark over on GrabCAD. Parts have been split and adjusted slightly for a better print.



5 Likes5 DownloadsApril 30, 2023

5 Likes5 DownloadsApril 30, 2023