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Liam V

phone stand for semi-large phones

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phone stand for semi-large phones 3d model
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49 Likes141 DownloadsMarch 20, 2023

Here I designed a phone stand in fusion 360. I used my own phone(samsung s20) for reference. My phone does have a case protecting it. I made it so the usb charger can pass through the hole in the file so it also servers as a charging port. I made it angled at 60 degrees. This is one of my first times using a CAD software since I've only recently learned about this in school.(I'm 15yrs) For infill patern I used lines but I'm sure any other patern wil work. Just make sure the infill density isn't too low, I recomend around 40% I printed it on its side and sure enough there was some stringing. The lines sticked a little to well to the printbed causing some layers to be missing on the print. As far as suport goes, please make sure you don't under-estimate youre printers abilitys and put the support to the max. Other wise it's going to be a real pain in the a$$ to remove them all.

I printed this on a BQ Witbox 2 at school. Bed leveling took some time but once the print started it was fine.

You can download 2 files: stand v2 is a little narrow for the phone to slide in. Mine nearly fitted but my teacher had a slimmer phone so i gave the v2 to him.

The v2 is available in the zip file when you download the v3.

I added another stand but with a little more clearance; phone stand v3 has the most clearence.

please feel free to give some feedback on how I can improve.


49 Likes141 DownloadsMarch 20, 2023

49 Likes141 DownloadsMarch 20, 2023