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Paul W

Caliper Holder, Husky 6in, Gridfinity 1x2

Remix Model
Caliper Holder, Husky 6in, Gridfinity 1x2 3d model
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4 Likes82 DownloadsOctober 29, 2022

Stash your measuring bois on your Gridfinity modular workshop storage system, Excalibur style.

Remixed from Zack Freedman's design for the Mitutoyo Absolute Digimatic Series 500 here I don't have the scratch (or need) for that bougie-level caliper, so I made a few adjustments to fit my cheap Husky 6in calipers. The dimensions are ever so slightly wider since it looked to be slightly too small. Turns out that my changes may have been unnecessary given that someone had commented that the original worked great.... all that work for naught?

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Zack's parametric source file:

My design stores a Husky 6in caliper and a pair of SR44 batteries in a bare minimum of desk space. By sticking the caliper straight up, the contoured socket protects the jaws from damage and fits 6" and maybe other sizes?

This block has a high center of gravity, so I strongly recommend mounting it to a weighted baseplate using magnets or screws!

Gridfinity Tips!

  • All storage blocks are compatible with all baseplates!
  • Most storage blocks are stackable!
  • You can add 6x2mm magnets to the corners! They won't magnetize the contents.
  • You can also use M3 screws in the corners.

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4 Likes82 DownloadsOctober 29, 2022

4 Likes82 DownloadsOctober 29, 2022