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EnderXY - Better Belt Tensioners

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EnderXY - Better Belt Tensioners 3d model
EnderXY - Better Belt Tensioners 3d model
EnderXY - Better Belt Tensioners 3d model
EnderXY - Better Belt Tensioners 3d model
EnderXY - Better Belt Tensioners 3d model
0 Likes2 DownloadsDecember 17, 2023

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These are a direct replacement for the belt tensioners on the EnderXY.

The stock tensioners have many issues when running higher speeds/accel such as belts slowly coming loose, rattling and just overall slop.

I wanted something that was a direct swap without having to remove and adjust the belts. I will eventually make a “stubby” version as there's no need for them to be as long as they are.

I have 100+ hours tested on this design before uploading so please let me know if you find any issues.

Video of design and belt adjustment:

Key Points:

  • Direct swap, same amount of adjustment.
  • Single M3 screw to adjust tension.
  • Much finer adjustment compared to the knob.
  • Zero slop with tighter tolerances.
  • Zero flex.
  • Idler/belt window.

Required Hardware:

  • 2x M3 35mm (Can be full or half threaded).
  • 2x M3 square nut.
  • 4x M5 8mm.
  • 4x M5 sprint nut or T nut.
  • 4x M5 0.5mm washers.
  • 2x M5 Nyloc nut (Use one from the stock tensioner bracket).
  • 2x M5 20mm Socket head screw (Use the one from the stock tensioner).
  • 2x Original pulley from stock tensioners (I use smooth ones from Mellow).

Printing: I've orientated the parts to how they should be printed.

Installation: _ Tolerances are tight so depending on your printer you may need to file some areas for fitment._

Can be a bit fiddly to install but I'd recommend you put the housing onto the extrusion first.

0 Likes2 DownloadsDecember 17, 2023

0 Likes2 DownloadsDecember 17, 2023