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Hevoron 3d model
Hevoron 3d model

3 Likes11 DownloadsApril 2, 2022

I had a Hypercube. And then I didn't want a Hypercube anymore so now it's a Voron inspired project. Basically I'm just copying Voron parts onto a 3030 frame.

Frame and linear rails measurements are in BOM section

BOM (incomplete) m5 45mm x16 m5 50mm x2 m5 10mm x8 m5 16mm x20 m3 50mm x2 m3 16mm x8

m3 heatset insert x4

m3 nut x8

Frame (for 300x300 print area): 3030 485mm x 7 3030 520mm x 8 3030 700mm x 4 2020 260mm x 2 2020 515mm x 2 2020 460mm x 1

MGN12H 370mm x 3 (this is just what I have laying around) If your Y rails are more than 103mm longer than your Y extrusions use non-FB versions of the top idler and motor mount

Smooth gt2 6mm wide idler pulley x10 20 teeth gt2 6mm wide idler pulley x2

Idlers bore are 5mm

I have not tested this and have no idea how well it works so if you decide to try it, do it at your own risk.

UPDATE: 30/03/2022

Flipped the gantry upside down so that I could reuse the bed from the Hevo with the added 12mm rod mount, changed endstop setup

UPDATE: 27/02/2022

added microswitch endstops for X and Y

Github repo:

3 Likes11 DownloadsApril 2, 2022

3 Likes11 DownloadsApril 2, 2022