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SpeakerCoverHandDesign v2.stl

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SpeakerCoverHandDesign v2.stl 3d model
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0 Likes2 DownloadsMarch 30, 2021


This design is loosely based on Joel's "high five" logo. There are two pieces to this design - a base unit approximately similar to Joel's template (provided in a Youtube video), and the cover, which plugs into the 1st part once the 1st part is installed. This design will cover the screw mounts and hide the screws, and is removable (unless glued in place).

Best of luck to all my fellow designers - there are many great designs in this contest and it's wonderful to see our little hobby grow so quickly in such a short time. Cheers!

If you decide to print this in Resin, please adjust the size by a factor of 1.02 to 1.04 depending on the type of resin you use.

0 Likes2 DownloadsMarch 30, 2021

0 Likes2 DownloadsMarch 30, 2021