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Customizable P1P Filter cover

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Customizable P1P Filter cover 3d model
Customizable P1P Filter cover 3d model
Customizable P1P Filter cover 3d model
3 Likes19 DownloadsMarch 23, 2023

Personalize your P1P with a custom filter cover.

It is a nice and easy way to make your printer unique, and you can see it in the timelapses!

How to remix (I've used Fusion 360, so the steps follow my workflow in Fusion) and print it without AMS:

  1. open "P1P Filter Cover.step" in your CAD
  2. create new sketch on the flat face 3A. go to, insert your text, select the font, download svg and import in the sketch 3B. insert text with fusion tool
  3. adapt the dimensions
  4. extrude the text of the layer height (0.20 mm in my case)
  5. cut the cover with the text but keeping it
  6. export the step file with cover and text
  7. import in bambu studio and split it to object
  8. in the "Objects" section deselect the cover
  9. print the text (not in the middle of the plate*)
  10. in the "Objects" section select the cover and deselect the text
  11. print it on top of the text without leveling the plate

Congratulation, you have a beautiful filter cover!

Note that this is still work in progress, the fit is a bit loose (not enough to fall of), I'm working on making it tighter.

*you mustn't print it in the middle because otherwise the printer will home the z axis on the text and the cover will too far from the plate.


3 Likes19 DownloadsMarch 23, 2023

3 Likes19 DownloadsMarch 23, 2023