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Stay Put Case (For Raspberry Pi 4).stl



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Stay Put Case (For Raspberry Pi 4).stl 3d model
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1 Likes1 DownloadsJuly 22, 2023

This is a unique 3D model titled "Stay Put Case (For Raspberry Pi 4)". This convenient protective case has been specifically designed for the Raspberry Pi 4 model. Boasting intricate details, this case model has been crafted with precision to not only keep your Raspberry Pi safe, but also enhance accessibility and ventilation. The "Stay Put Case" includes perfectly positioned cutouts, providing unhindered access to all the essential ports and connectors.

The case also has an exclusive 'Stay Put' feature, which prevents the Raspberry Pi from sliding or moving around when carried or during use. The 3D model is separated into two parts, the top cover and the base, both of which can be easily connected and disconnected for the ease of installation. It also has slots for better heat dissipation, ensuring your Raspberry Pi remains cool, even after long periods of computation.

This Raspberry Pi 4 case can be printed with high precision for a snug fitting and protective cover. Offering a mix of practicality and style, the Stay Put case is an ideal accessory for your Raspberry Pi 4. Download the 3D model and print your own personalized Raspberry Pi case today!

1 Likes1 DownloadsJuly 22, 2023

1 Likes1 DownloadsJuly 22, 2023