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Welcome to Son of A Lich Minis by DnD Shorts! We release a new epic boss monster, hordes of other creatures, noble heroes, and dice every month!

Follow us for free Dungeons & Dragons 5e stat blocks to use for epic combat in your adventures, and subscribe for stunning minis to take your games to the ultimate level!


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30% Off with the code: DNDSHORTS30

Join Son of a Lich Minis today and get full access to all of this month's models at a discount! Once each month is over, we change the model lineup, so memberships give you the best value for your buck!

Join today and access all of the following:

  • Access to our premium 3D models, including those licensed by guest and featured miniature designers for that month
  • Exclusive Son of a Lich Discord role and channel to talk shop with other miniature hobbyists, painters, and printers
  • Help shape the future of my memberships by sharing concepts you'd like to see next
  • Participate in miniature giveaways and loyalty rewards (at 3 and 6 months!)

Individual models can purchased for $7.77, so if you want multiple models, get them while this month's membership is active!

Whether you're a 3D printier, hardcore tabletop fan, or just want to support my channel, this is the tier for you!

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30% Off with the code: DNDSHORTS30

This is the Son of a Lich merchant tier! If you have an active subscription on this tier, you have permission to sell physical prints of all models that are my original concepts. If you want to print and sell minis in your store, or sell painted minis on platforms like Etsy, this is the tier for you! You also gain access to:

  • All back catalog models that have ever been made exclusive to Son of a Lich Minis
  • (10) downloads per month, to allow you to catch up with previous months
  • Special Discord role that designate you as a Merchant and access to authorized seller badges
  • Special Discord channel to discuss how we can help you with your commercial plans and partner up!

Note: Consent to sell applies only to physical models, sale or sharing of files is expressly forbidden. All rights reserved.

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Free minis? 👀 Free Stat Blocks? 💀 Terrified Players?! 🔥Yes, you heard it right! Son Of A Lich Minis is now live! To celebrate, we're going big! - 🎉 Follow for FREE monthly, epic boss stat blocks- ✅ Subscribe for monthly drops of incredible minis to enhance your games- ✨ Use code DNDSHORTS30 fo

Son of a Lich, You Made It!

Son of a Lich, You Made It!

Hey everyone! This is Son of a Lich Minis, a place of epic monsters, awesome dice, and crackpot alchemical experiments in the pursuit of eternal life - Welcome to the Lich's dungeon! Every month, we're dropping a giant, epic BOSS MINI, with a free 5e stat block ready to terrify players and househol