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Suzuki Swift Sport (ZC33S 2019 1.4T K14C) Intake

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Suzuki Swift Sport (ZC33S 2019 1.4T K14C) Intake 3d model
Suzuki Swift Sport (ZC33S 2019 1.4T K14C) Intake 3d model
Suzuki Swift Sport (ZC33S 2019 1.4T K14C) Intake 3d model
Suzuki Swift Sport (ZC33S 2019 1.4T K14C) Intake 3d model
1 Likes44 DownloadsDecember 29, 2021

Short Intake for Suzuki Swift Sport ZC33S 1.4T (K14C - NON-Hybrid) RHD 2019

This will give you insanely loud intake noises and some turbo flutter noises. Find a review here:

You'll need a 63mm air filter of your preference with an appropriate hose clamp and some basic hand tools.

  1. 1x Intake housing - I highly recommend using the .3mf file for slicing
  2. 1x Vacuum hose adaptor/limiter. I use the 18mm variant, I've seen engine error codes with the 30mm, but it's worth experimenting with.
Instructions for fitment: 1. Clean up part base

Remove the brim and any other sprew. If you're using ABS/ASA there's a chance you could vapor smooth it, but I've never done this.

2. Relocate MAF Sensor

Unplug the wire from the back of the factory MAF connector (You'll need to remove the engine cover)

Unclip the MAF Wire from the base intake housing.

Remove the MAF Sensor from the stock intake and fit to the new intake using the standard screws. These should fit snugly as they're cutting their own thread!

3. Installation

Fit your air cleaner to the new intake on the longer side of the elbow. Ensure this intake is secure by tightening the hose clamp.

Remove the factory 90' damper pipe that connects the standard intake to the rubber turbo intake pipe.

Insert the short side of the elbow into the factory rubber pipe. Pro-tip: Some dish-wash liquid can help with the tight fit.

Rotate until the air cleaner will fit under the hood. Tighten clamp on the factory rubber pipe to secure.

4. The Suck

Unplug the factory grey vacuum line from the right hand side of the air cleaner - use one of the joiners you printed earlier to connect to your hose extension. Firmly plug the hose extension into the intake. Cable tie interface points for peace of mind.

5. Wiring & Test

Plug factory MAF Harness in.

Start the car, ensure it Rev's cleanly and is not stumbling.

If there is any strange behavior, immediately revert back to the standard specification.


I highly recommend using an ASA or ESun's ABS+ for this part. It needs to be stable at temps > 70'C.

Print with the long end of the elbow on the build plate, add a large brim for stability. The vacuum port will require support but no other parts should require support, so tune accordingly.

Adjust perimeters and extrusion width to ensure that there is no infill happening on the main pipe body. This is very important for structural rigidity.

1 Likes44 DownloadsDecember 29, 2021

1 Likes44 DownloadsDecember 29, 2021