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Geometric Lamp & Shade

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Geometric Lamp & Shade 3d model
Geometric Lamp & Shade 3d model
Geometric Lamp & Shade 3d model
This model is restricted by licensing terms. 
41 Likes38 DownloadsOctober 1, 2023
This model is restricted by licensing terms. 

📝 Description

Geometric Lamp with Shade. This Lamp prints with supports on the base. You need only minimal supports for the top. Print slowly with a lot of cooling for the best look.

**This model if purchased standalone is a personal use license. Commercial users can purchase them as an additional one off commercial model if they are part of the exclusive plan. **  

🖨️ Printing Tips

.16 Layer height gives a really nice look to the outside. Large heights will just disappoint you. Go slow. Fast speeds just give you bad corners.

To get the multicolored shade effect I use, simply swap filament 8mm in and 8mm before the end. With the Bambu this is easy but 3 filament swaps will work with any FDM printer. Just change filament appropriately.


🔗 Additional Information

You will need a traditional "Lamp Kit" to complete the project with a harp. Something like works well. You'll need approximately 180mm of tube length and the cover can be adjusted by adjusting its Z-Height but the default 165 looks the Best IMHO. Use washers and nuts to hold the rods to the base.

When it comes to hardware, I rely heavily on Bambu Lab 3D printers. My A1 Mini is a staple in my office, while my fleet of X1C Carbons ensures rapid and high-quality production. #ComissionsEarned which help support my free model development.


⚖️ License

Free For Personal Use - Commercial Restricted License (with subscription) 🟠

🔄 Attribution | 💼 Free for Personal Use * | * Resale with Thangs Subscription


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41 Likes38 DownloadsOctober 1, 2023

This model is restricted by licensing terms. 
41 Likes38 DownloadsOctober 1, 2023
This model is restricted by licensing terms.