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"Turbo" - Full Size Table Lamp - Large Format Print

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"Turbo" - Full Size Table Lamp - Large Format Print 3d model
"Turbo" - Full Size Table Lamp - Large Format Print 3d model
"Turbo" - Full Size Table Lamp - Large Format Print 3d model
"Turbo" - Full Size Table Lamp - Large Format Print 3d model
"Turbo" - Full Size Table Lamp - Large Format Print 3d model
This model is restricted by licensing terms. 
12 Likes2 DownloadsFebruary 10, 2024
This model is restricted by licensing terms. 

📝 Description

"Turbo" - a table lamp that fuses the organic warmth of modern design with the classic texture of linen. The lamp base captivates with its dynamic, sculptural form, reminiscent of a spindle or a lathe-turned object, showcasing a gradation of natural tones that suggest the fine layering of stone or wood. The base's tactile pattern is a nod to the artistry of fine craftsmanship, making each piece subtly unique.

The shade crafted from linen in a rich navy hue casts a glow that is both soothing and dramatic, perfect for setting a serene ambiance in any room. The fabric's natural weave allows for a gentle filtration of light, creating an inviting atmosphere that enhances the lamp’s overall aesthetic.

The "Turbo" lamp is designed not just to illuminate but to elevate your space, making it an ideal addition to interiors that celebrate both form and function. Whether placed in a sleek, modern living room or a cozy, eclectic study, the "Turbo" lamp is sure to make a statement with its elegant presence and timeless appeal.


🖨️ Printing Tips

This was printed with a .8 nozzle and a .2 layer height which yields outstanding results on your large format printer. This was printed on a Kobra 2 Max, but it could be printed on any larger format printer that supports the 200mm diameter and 394mm height.

I personally used a CHT nozzle which allowed me to print this in just 12 hours and it will require around 800g of filament. This might sound like a lot (and it is) but remember you're printing a lamp, not a toy. You want weight to have a proper and sturdy lamp.

I used 3 walls, and Archimedean chords on the top and bottom surface patterns. Using 10% rectilinear infill produces the best supports for the outer walls. This has been my go to settings for lamps of this size. Do not use infill combination, infill must be printed on each layer to get a smooth finish.

The inclination is to rush the printing time but you will get the best surface results by using a slower speed. The photo was printed with Inland Filament "Wood Rainbow" (which doesnt actually include any wood).

The .8 nozzle is a powerful nozzle for large format prints. The .2 layer height is perfect for designs of this size. I recommend getting one if you want to print outstanding pieces like this. The CHT makes a big difference in getting even layers on the print.

I also suggest using prusa slicer with Archane for it. (Or one of its forks like bambu, orca, etc). These produce the best surface finish compared to other popular slicers. That is my opinion at least.


🔗 Additional Information

You will need a standard lamp kit to assemble this lamp. I use ones like which include a long tube which helps hold everything in place. The Façade piece is used at the bottom to cover the metal tube that inserts into the base. To permanently mount the lamp electronics, simply apply some glue to the façade piece after you've bolted it onto the tube. The cord easily fits in from the bottom up through the top and then insert through the tube. Then follow the directions to assemble the lamp hardware. The lamp fixture itself that holds the bulb should be attached exactly at the top of the façade piece with the screw being covered by the façade . I also suggest using an underwriters knot when assembling you lamp.

One final tip on 3D printed lamps. They work well and you can change the electronics out should you decide you want to have a new lamp. Shades can be easily 3D printed as well. For this one though I picked up a shade I liked at the local big box store.


⚖️ License

Free For Personal Use - Commercial Restricted License (with subscription) 🟠

🔄 Attribution | 💼 Free for Personal Use * | * Resale with Thangs Subscription


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12 Likes2 DownloadsFebruary 10, 2024

This model is restricted by licensing terms. 
12 Likes2 DownloadsFebruary 10, 2024
This model is restricted by licensing terms.