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Alexander F

Gridfinity Mechanical Keyboard Keycap Storage Trays (5x5 and 5x7)

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Gridfinity Mechanical Keyboard Keycap Storage Trays (5x5 and 5x7) 3d model
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22 Likes115 DownloadsAugust 10, 2022

Hey, nerd! I see you like to spend a lot of money on keyboards! Me too! These Gridfinity modules will help you keep all those spare keycaps organized. Sure, you'll be spending a bunch of extra money on filament just so you can store those bits of plastic, but it's a drop in the bucket compared to what you've spent on the clicky clackys.

These trays can hold a lot of keycaps. The Standard 5x5 modules can hold 110 1U keycaps, while the 9-Row 5x5 module can hold 88 1U keycaps and... um.... a bunch of weird keycaps too. Some number. More than 5 but less than 100. Probably. Or a keycap puller! That'll definitely fit there!

The standard 10-row 5x7 module can hold 162 keycaps, if you've got a big ol' print bed. And there's a 9-row 5x7 module that definitely has more space for weirdly shaped keys than the 9-row 5x5 module, too!

They're all stackable of course, at least with reasonably sized keycaps. If you like ridiculously high keycaps you might need to spend 5 minutes in your preferred 3D modeling software taller-izing them. Either that or beg me to do the 5 minutes of work for you!

Good luck getting them to not warp off your buildplate!


22 Likes115 DownloadsAugust 10, 2022

22 Likes115 DownloadsAugust 10, 2022