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The Multigrid Foundational Update is HERE!

The Multigrid Foundational Update is HERE!

Hey Makers,

784 new Multigrid parts have been uploaded, and believe me, we’re just getting started!

As I’ve said before, this update lays the groundwork for an insanely flexible Bin System that we’ll continue to develop.

In my new YouTube video, I showcase the new Multigrid parts and explain what has changed.

But that’s not all I’m covering…

I also talk about all the crazy stuff that has happened in the last few months, like…

- How we’ve been breaking Thangs.

- Some insane Multiboard community builds.

- Behind-the-scenes changes that you probably missed.

- And a sneak peek at some of the future Multiboard systems.

Click the link to discover the new Multigrid upgrades and the crazy journey so far:

Keep Making!


PS - If you want to go straight to the new parts, check out the new [Multigrid Parts Library](

(We’ve also updated the Multigrid Knowledge Hub)