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The Multiboard Bolt Generator is HERE — Download Now

The Multiboard Bolt Generator is HERE — Download Now

Hey Makers, you can now instantly create custom Multiboard Bolts with the new Bolt Generator 🎉.

In just a few clicks, you can:

- Choose from Regular Bolts, T-Bolts, or “Folded-Bolts” (my new favorite type).

- Customize the thread and head type.

- Adjust the tolerances to your needs.

- And much more...

Click here to get the Bolt Generator on Thangs 👉

(There is also a video attached to the listing, where I show the generator in action and teach you how to use it)

Oh AND!!...

Along with this Generator, we’re also releasing the “Folded-Bolts”. These new bolts have the strength of a T-Bolt but with much more thread grip.

Initially, these bolts were going to be early-access parts for Multi Makers, but we felt bad not giving anything to our Multi Supporters in this update.

So Multi Supporters will have access to these new bolts:

- Small Thread, Folded-Bolt:

- Mid Thread, Folded-Bolt:

- Big Thread, Folded-Bolt:

And Multi Makers have access to the full collection of Folded-Bolts:

For everyone else, remember these are “early-access” parts and will become free in 3 months 👍.

Thank you SO MUCH for supporting. There’s lots of cool updates coming soon…

Keep Making! 🛠️