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The Biggest Multiborad Upgrade Is In Progress 🚀

The Biggest Multiborad Upgrade Is In Progress 🚀

Hey Makers,

I’m excited to share a sneak peek of what's been cooking behind the scenes 👀…

It’s been 3 intensive months of designing and testing, and we’re making solid progress on what will be the BIGGEST upgrade Multiboard has EVER seen.

I’m talking about “Multipoint” – an entirely new system by itself, that works with Multiboard and extends its flexibility even further.

Prepare for some groundbreaking storage innovations and insane versatility.

(The image represents about 0.5% of Mutipoint.)

More details coming soon…

Keep Making!

PS - The Weight Bearing Snap is now FREE. This is my favorite Snap because of its strength and I encourage everyone to use it as their new default. Get this part here: