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Our First Multiboard Competition Starts Friday 🏆

Our First Multiboard Competition Starts Friday 🏆

Last week, thanks to your help, we won the Thangs Rising Star Contest.

And as promised, I’m giving away the prize money.

To make this happen… we will have our first “Multiboard Ambitions Print” Competition 🏅, on Discord, Starting on Friday 12th.

To participate, you will have to share an image of your most ambitious & successful Multiboard prints fresh on the print bed, be it a 10+ tile stack, a random array of Multiboard parts, or just over 100+ parts in a single print. Show us how far you’ve been pushing it. You then submit it in the Competition Discord channel which will be made once the competition starts.

The person with the most votes by the community will get a $200 voucher for 3DJake.

On Friday I’ll let you know more details, so keep an eye out for the announcement.

Btw, these giveaways are only possible because we’ve been doing well in the Thangs Rising Star Contest.

This week we’re in 3rd place and if you help us get to 1st or 2nd, I’ll be able to give away more and bigger prizes for our next Multiboard competition.

If you want to help out… (1) follow me on Thangs, (2) download and leave a like on this Multiboard part:

4x4 Push-Fit Bracket:

Thanks a lot 🙏 and Keep Making!