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New “Removable” Multiboard Offsets [HUGE Update]

New “Removable” Multiboard Offsets [HUGE Update]

We heard you loud and clear… The Mounting Offsets were semi-permanent, and it kinda sucked…

Because if you tried (with a lot of struggle) to remove them, they would probably break. 

So here you go… We’ve made THREE major updates to improve the mounting parts…

First… we redesigned the Mounting Offsets, along with all the Part A and Part B pieces, to be more easily removable. 🛠️

(The Part B’s also come with 4 different tolerances to match your type of printer.)

Second… we designed a new “Cross” Quad Offset that firmly connects 4 tiles together. 

This new Offset is much easier to set up and stronger than what we had before.

And third… we created a new “Removal Tool” to help you remove Single, Dual, and even Quad Snaps from the Offsets.

These new parts can be found, all for free, in the Parts Library at

I’ve also created a short video to show you how all these new parts work, click here to watch it:

Keep Making!


PS - Btw the old Offset Snaps still work fine, so only replace them if you want your Multiboard to be removable. Also, keep in mind these new Snaps are NOT compatible with the old DS Snaps, so if you still need access to the old parts, you can find them in the Multiboard Legacy Parts:

PPS - Aaand finally… The “Ambitious Print Contest” ENDS tomorrow. Make sure to post pictures of your craziest print beds in the Discord, and react to your favorite posts by the community.



what have u dont? they are twice as difficult to snap in and out

Jamie M

I would agree that sometimes the tiles are hard to get in and out of the quad snap. I have mostly noticed it though when printing the tiles at .28mm layer height. If I do .2mm as recommended, the seem to slide in and out easier. Having said this, it would be nice to get the Part A in various tolerances. I think this could be especially important for those people who are just starting out and the extra tolerance allows for rapidly prototyping things.