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Everything New With Multiboard In The Last Week

Everything New With Multiboard In The Last Week

This last week has been a rollercoaster… 

We’ve had hundreds of people join this community and we’re trending all over Thangs, but we’ve also had many unexpected problems and bugs.

Despite everything going on, I’ve been working almost non-stop to fix stuff and bring you the most useful Multiboard parts, collections, and resources I can, including…

  • 48 new Multiboard tiles
  • The “Mini Multiboard” Starter Pack
  • A stack printing guide and test piece
  • Multiboard tutorials videos
  • And much more

Discover everything new this week at

Keep Making!


PS - We also completely obliterated the Thangs “Rising Star” contest! Winning at 13 thousand points. Thank you so much to everyone who helped out.

PPS - There will be Gridfinity compatibility parts coming soon. And a new way of mounting Multigrid bins (you’re going to love this one). PLUS a whole bunch of Multiboard push-fit accessories. Stay tuned!



Keep up the excellent work!