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2 New Multiboard Parts 🤩

2 New Multiboard Parts 🤩

Hey! 2 new Multiboard parts have been added (they all have descriptions and “in-action” images 🤯).

1. Push-Fit Bracket:

Inspired by @RightiousNewb, the “push-fit bracket” connects to your Tiles and holds Multigrid Bins. 

(It also has pegboard holes everywhere, allowing you to attach other parts to it)

2. Weight Bearing Directional Snap:

Made in collaboration with @Stella, this snap can take WAY more weight than regular snaps, but only in one direction.

This may become the new standard snap, so I recommend you check it out.

Keep Making!


P.S. If you’ve uploaded Multiboard remixes to Thangs, use the tag “MultiboardRemix”. This is now the standard tag to search for community-created designs.

P.P.S. We're making WAVES in the 3D printing world 🌊. Thangs has given us our very own Multiboard category, and soon we’ll have subcategories. “Multiboard” is also the second most searched word after “Gridfinity”. Let’s keep crushing it 💪, this is only the beginning!