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🔩 More Bolt Tolerances (No More Slipping Bolts)

🔩 More Bolt Tolerances (No More Slipping Bolts)

Hey Makers, some of you might have encountered issues with the Multiboard Mid Bolts slipping.

(This is because your printer is very accurate!)

So to address this, we’ve added a “Tight” tolerance to every Mid Thread Bolt, T-Bolt, and Rod listing:

- Tight Tolerance (0.1 mm) - Ideal for highly accurate printers where standard bolts tend to slip.

- Standard Tolerance (0.25 mm) - This is the best fit for most printers.

You can find the updated Bolts here:


Hopefully by the end of this week, we’ll be releasing the Multiboard Bolt Generator, allowing you to create crazy custom bolts in a few clicks.

And on top of that, we’re introducing a new bolt variation that is STRONGER than the T-Bolts and adds about 52 new parts to the collection 💪.

Stay tuned and Keep Making!