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X5S MGN12H Linear X & Y-axis with modular hotend mount



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X5S MGN12H Linear X & Y-axis with modular hotend mount by Exerqtor  full viewable 3d model
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This model is restricted by licensing terms. 
This model is restricted by licensing terms. 

3 Likes13 DownloadsOctober 18, 2021

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<h1>Changelog at the end!</h1>

My take on a TronXY X5S, rail system. Some inspiration have been taken from others but everything have been redone and drawn up from scratch to fit my vision and "needs".

This kit can be used to redo the CoreXY system on a TronXY X5S (and other of the X5 series with some modifications). Or to build a completely new machine if that's what suits you.

To start of with the X-carrier, it's made without a hotend mount, but has several mounting holes and big venting holes to accommodate good air flow for the hotend / heat break cooler.

The "Chain and rear belt mount" is made to work with the stock dragchain and have a couple cable management holes for those who want that. The back part serves as the belt mount since this system also swaps out two belts with one long so that the need for indevidual belt tensioning is removed.

The system has been designed to be used both with and without a 2020 extrusion on the X-axis, This boils down to that for the X5S who "only" have 488m total of X-axis, i've made some "Y-carrier to X-axis rail mount's" that will eliminate the 2020 extrusion for the X-axis (still plenty stiff!).

Both the Y-carriers and front belt idlers use 5mm dowel pins as axles for the belt idlers with the Y-carriers being designed to make the belt path's totally parallell at all nozzle positions.

Included right of the bat is a mount for an Slice Engineering Mosquito hotend, 40mm hotend cooling fan mount and a BLTouch V3.1.

The X/Y stepper mounts is still being drawn along with extruder mounts that will move the extruders up above the bed and result in 25-30cm long bowden tubes.

Until i've got everything "finished" this will be marked as WIP, although every thing posted have been tested and confirmed working.

Things to be addressed:

1: Making /finishing new X/Y stepper mounts. 2: Front idler mount finishing. 3: Part cooler redesign. 4: Complete parts / BOM list. 5: THC-01 mount with 40mm fan and BLTouch V3.1 mounts.

The stock X/Y stepper mounts WILL work until i get the ones for this kit done btw!

The Mosquito adapter in the pic's is also of my desing and is avalible here:

Parts needed / BOM:


2x - M3 x 8mm: Belt holder to Top mount 8x - M3 x 8mm: Y-carriers to MGN12H blocks 2x - M3 x 8mm: Top/X-carrier to MGN12H block 2x - M3 x 12mm: Top/X-carrier to MGN12H block 3x - M3 x 10mm: Mosquito mount to X-carrier 3x - M3 x 6mm: BLTouch mount to hotend mount 2x - M8 x 8mm: Part cooler to X-carrier 4x - M2.5 x 25mm: Mosquito mount with 40mm fan 2x - M2.5 x 30mm: Mosquito mount with stock fan 8x - M5 x 10mm: Y-carrier to X-axis 4x - M4 x 10mm: Front idler mounts to chassis 2x - M5 x 10mm: Front idler mounts to chassis ~48x - M3 x 10mm: MGN12 rails to chassis


*8x - M5: Y-carrier to X-axis (if you don't run "extrusionless") 4x - M4: Front idler mounts to chassis 2x - M5: Front idler mounts to chassis ~48x - M3: MGN12 rails to chassis

Dowel pins:

8x - 5 x 25mm: Y-carriers and front idlers


3x - 400mm MGN12H: Y and X axis


6x - 20T GT2 idler pulleys with 5mm bore for 6mm belts 2x - 20T GT2 smooth idler pulleys with 5mm bore for 6mm belts

GT2 Belt:

1x - Minimum 3.5meters of 6mm wide GT2 belt.

<h1>Changelog:</h1> <h3>18 July 2020:</h3>

Mosquito and 40mm fan mount v2, added a couple M2.5 bolts on the lower part to give more clamping force. Need to print both the "Mosquito_mount_v2" and "Mosquito_40mm_fan_mount_v2" and add two more M2.5x25MM bolts to do this. I will leave "Mosquito_mount_v1.2" up since this still works with the stock 25x25x10mm fan.

<h3>4 April 2020:</h3>

Endstops, did a little rework on the left Y-carrier (v2.1) so that the X-axis endstop get's a dedicated area to hit up against. Also made a Y-axis endstop mount that bolts up on the inside of the 2020 extrusion. Both use the stock switches!

<h3>18 March 2020:</h3>

X-carrier Top with bearing, made an "swiveling" chain mount for the X-carrier so it's possible to shorten down the chain and reduce some drag. It uses one 625 bearing and a 10-15mm long M5 bolt.

<h3>14 March 2020:</h3>

Y-Carrier Version 2, done some tweeks to save weight etc. These will need support from the buildplate @ 50 degrees.

<h3>13 March 2020:</h3>

Stepper mounts Version 3, so i found out i had done a ever so slight typo in the V2.5 that moved the steppers 1,5mm towards the center in X direction as supposed to the 1,5mm outward like i intended. So now that's fixed!

<h3>10 March 2020:</h3>

X & Y stepper mounts released after some "internal" testing and prototypes.These are designed to use MR85 bearings to try mitigate the stress on the steppers, but can be used without if you don't have or feel the need for them. Just mirror the part for use on the other side (supports needed!). You will also have to change the direction/rotation of the X & Y steppers in your firmware!

<h3>30 January 2020:</h3>

Further rework on the part cooler(s), with one version for each of the two hotends( Mosquito & THC-01).

<h3>29 December 2019:</h3>

__X-carriage Version 1.2 __ released with more mounting holes.

Mosquito hotend kit Version 1.2 with a slimmed down BLTouch mount and some other small stuff. BLTouch offsett: X-26.52 & Y-2.02.

THC-01 hotend kit mount with 40mm fan and BLTouch mount released. BLTouch offsett: X-26.27 & Y-2.56.

Reworked partcooler, confirmed printable and working with both the Mosquito and THC-01.

Y-carrier to x-axis rail mounts will be released with two different "lengths" to accomidate a potential difference in width between the two y-axis 2020 extrusions, this is something you just have to either meassure and make up an opinion of what will work best for you. Or just test which of the length's that suit your printer best!

3 Likes13 DownloadsOctober 18, 2021

This model is restricted by licensing terms. 
This model is restricted by licensing terms. 

3 Likes13 DownloadsOctober 18, 2021