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Bonus Exclusive Fungus Frog

Bonus Exclusive Fungus Frog

Beautiful people!

This exclusive came about by accident, it was not planned. It came to me and I made it, period.

I printed it up to 60%, in some cases up to 50%, but the articulations are starting to fail.

As a bonus/exclusive, this frog will also be part of the welcome pack.

Happy printing!


LAYER: 0.16 - OUTER WALLS: 3 - INFILL: 10-15% - SUPPORTS: NO - Z-HOP: 0.4 - 0.8 - BRIM: If necessary

Instruction and Tips:

Printed with bambulab at a high quality setting and a 0.16 layer. I use the brim, but it may not be necessary. Tested printing up to 60%. Good calibration and retraction is necessary for a great result.