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Basic instructions and settings for all

Basic instructions and settings for all

Most of my articulated models require the use of brim and z-hop (z-lift) because, especially at the tail end and paws, the base that attaches to the print plane is small.

This is a design choice and honestly I find it aesthetically pleasing.

You can find the tutorial on z-hop / z-lift here.

Given the details, I always print at 0.16.

If I enlarge, I go up to 0.20.

If I shrink, I go down to 0.12.

Again, this is a matter of aesthetics.

I always use walls of 3, never 2.

If you need help with settings, don't hesitate to ask.

If you have problems printing, check these instructions and the calibration, retraction, fill and walls.

For non-articulated designs some settings change, always find the print settings tested over and over in the folder.