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Pill Box with AM PM Apertures V2\V2_2

Remix Model
Pill Box with AM PM Apertures V2\V2_2 3d model
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This model is restricted by licensing terms. 
0 Likes3 DownloadsOctober 18, 2021
This model is restricted by licensing terms. 

Model originally uploaded to Thingiverse at

Update 24\11\19: Uploaded Days only version of base. I have not test printed this so still WIP.

Update: There is now a revised version available here:

This is a remix of my Pill Box with AM PM Apertures. In version 2 I have included:

1.Spring tension to the lid. The tension is achieved by using 1-4 springs from cheap Biro or press release pens (4mm OD x 20mm ish).

2.Ratchet system to provide a tactile response. The Ratchet is a separate insert so can be removed if undesirable or not suited to user. The lid tension will still work without the Ratchet.

3.Integral travel clasp. Low profile or a hooked version available for download.

Print Settings

1.All things printed at 0.2 resolution. No support is required except for Clasps.

2.Clasps, Bolt and Ratchet Inserts are better printed with increased perimeters and infill to increase strength. I have also printed prototypes in PETG. I have used 30% infill and 3 perimeter walls.

3.Some wear may occur with the small ratchet steps on the underside of the lid after time. This may result in less audible clicks to ratchet but the lid tension will still work (I will look at this further for the next version).

4.The Clasps will require support and a raft to be printed on their side to maximise strength.

5.The ratchet insert should be printed flat.

Assembly Instructions (also see images for assembly instructions).

1.Obtain 2 x 4mm OD x 20mm springs.

2.Place Body and Lid face down.

3.Insert Ratchet with correct orientation to slot, Ratchet is asymmetrical and can only fit one way. Make sure the wedge shape is to the bottom.

4.Align springs with circular recesses in the Base & Liner. This is quite fiddly, thin nosed pliers will help.

5.Gently press on liner plate while compressing springs joggle Ratchet insert into alignment.

5.While holding down Liner Plate, screw in fixing bolt. Fully tighten using screwdriver or coin.

6.Insert either type of Clasp into pivot slots on the base top face.

7.Rotate clasp and force over Base rim to fasten. Shave material off the Clasp retention grip to reduce severity.

UPDATE: 11\11\18 - I have not tested\printed the following update so technically version 2_2 is WIP. Files included in Version 2_2:

AMPM_Label OnlyV2_2.stl Bolt_V2_2 LH Thread.stl Lid_V2_2 LH Thread.stl Main Body_V2_2_No_AM_PM.stl Main Body_AMPM_V2_2.stl

1.On request I have reversed the thread in the lid and the bolt so it rotates in the opposite direction to the lid rotation ( Great Idea by Mr_Tantrum !).

2.Seperated AM PM lettering from main body so it can be either printed on a dual extrusion machine or printed separately and glued afterwards if you have the will to do this.

Updsate: 12_11_18 1.Changed Lid_V2_2_LH Thread.stl because it was incorrect Now V2_3

0 Likes3 DownloadsOctober 18, 2021

This model is restricted by licensing terms. 
0 Likes3 DownloadsOctober 18, 2021
This model is restricted by licensing terms.