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ender 3 spool holder v5

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ender 3 spool holder v5 3d model
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2 Likes18 DownloadsMay 14, 2022

this is a simple spool holder the keeps the spool centered. it replaces the original one. it uses the same nut to secure it on the arm holder.

this eliminates the wobble of the spool that the original spool holder has.

included sleeve (make 2, one for each side of the spool). for spools that get caught on threads.

1 gripper ring is needed. screw on till close enough to keep spool sleeves from sliding off the spool. but do not make tight.

can handle spools with bigger center holes. just use without the sleeves, the end rings are tapered for this.

2 Likes18 DownloadsMay 14, 2022

2 Likes18 DownloadsMay 14, 2022