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Toni M

Saphire Pro BL-Touch Mount V3.stl

Remix Model
Saphire Pro BL-Touch Mount V3.stl 3d model
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0 Likes7 DownloadsApril 27, 2022

Hello there, This mount is a remix for the TwoTrees Sapphire Pro with a Dragon Hotend. The hotend is mounted rigid with screws, so one handed nozzle swaps should be possible. It uses 5010 radial fans, because my original 4010s were dramatically underpowered.

I know it's not the cleanest remix (I'm not the best at designing), but for me it works really nicely.

The fanducts are not really aerodynimcal approved, just made with my gut feeling and a bit of thinking. The BL-Touch sticks a little out and I have a longer and newer Z-srew, so I had to change the position of the endstop 20mm. The offsets are x:0mm and y:22mm. I really like threaded Inserts and M3 srews, so most of the mount is assembled with them. I hope you like the remix!

0 Likes7 DownloadsApril 27, 2022

0 Likes7 DownloadsApril 27, 2022