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WoodSprite.obj by thatriskofrain2guy full viewable 3d model
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2 Likes0 DownloadsJanuary 28, 2023

this is (almost) every risk of rain 2 model ripped straight from the game so some models might need t be cleaned up before they can be printed. also I meant almost every item as I couldn't find the following: -energy drink -will-o-wisp -alien head -eccentric vase -leech

other than those that's all of them + a few unused items marked with "1unknown." This also includes all new dlc items although they might have the wrong name as I haven't toyed with the newest update much.

lastly, I will probably upload a version with all monsters/survivors in the future.

happy printing!

2 Likes0 DownloadsJanuary 28, 2023

2 Likes0 DownloadsJanuary 28, 2023