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Steve C

Parametric Bins - Various Heights and Sizes

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Parametric Bins - Various Heights and Sizes 3d model
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4 Likes10 DownloadsApril 28, 2022

What: - Arrangement of bins in various sizes and orientations to work with a standard grid system . The grids sit in drawers for bins to sit in and keep them from sliding around. The grids were designed for quick printing and based on 55mm x 55mm dimensions so the bins are also based on that 55mm x 55mm design in various heights and you can stack them as well. - Available in various heights: 35.25mm, 47.75mm, 65mm, and 90mm - Notes: you will lose a bit of overall height when the bins are stacked but I am revising my models to compensate. In the future I might come up with another option that has less slop to it and don't need to compensate but for now these are working great for me. Also there is a good amount of clearance on the base which I could tighten up but again, these work great for me.

How: - Printer: Elegoo Netptue 2S - Nozzle: 0.4mm - Slicer: Cura Modified CHEP FF Profile for EN2S - Filament: Overture PLA Black 1.75MM

Why: - Mostly I just wanted to learn Fusion 360 and this was the best way to explore parametric design while having something functional. My desk drawers are a mess and look so much better now. There are plenty of tweaks I would like to make but for now these do the job for me.

Where: - Elegoo Neptune 2S - Overture Filiment

4 Likes10 DownloadsApril 28, 2022

4 Likes10 DownloadsApril 28, 2022