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pressprint“Model Maverick” plan

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Youness  E
Youness  E


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Alan M
3D Printing World
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My Madcap Creations of the Month (and More to Come!)

My Madcap Creations of the Month (and More to Come!)

Here are a few multipart models I’ve uploaded this month! (There’s more available.) You can access them and download other models through my Thangs membership. Use the code “PP50” for a LIMITED OFFER to get all the models at once for $25.

Thangs Membership Launch

Thangs Membership Launch

Hey gang! It’s your friendly neighborhood 3D-printing Picasso, pressprint, coming at you with some big news! 🎉 So, listen up: I’m taking my talents exclusively to Thangs – because why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary, am I right? 🚀 I’m bringing my wacky, wonderful designs excl