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Ender 3 Electronics Case

Remix Model
Ender 3 Electronics Case 3d model
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31 Likes143 DownloadsNovember 3, 2020

Thangs didn't let me upload images but you can see some here:

This case will fit an skr mini E3, tft35 E3, and a raspberry pi 4b I would recommend replacing the stock board fan with a quiet one. I personally used one from rs components as they have quiet 24v ones

This is a remix of two Ender 3 electronics cases:

This case is able to hold a SKR mini, Raspberry Pi 4B, and a TFT35 E3(in my opinion the best of both cases)

I "mixed" them using TinkerCad.

Printing: I would recommend using custom supports for the Raspberry Pi shelf and the upper rear end(see image) and using infill of at least 20%.

I included a screenshot of the custom support blocks I am using and the project file for it from Prusa Slicer. I think it also includes my profiles(PLA on MSDD, & UBL Gcode startup)

NOTE: I would consider this a Frankenstein model, I honestly cut parts from one case and added it to the other. I am learning fusion 360 so I hope to be able to build from the ground up soon(it would still be a remix of course)

3D PRINTING SETTINGS 20% infill or more uses custom supports for the Pi shelf and upper rear wall you can use supports everywhere but prepare for a lot of post process work

Update 2:

  • thickened walls
  • cleaned outer walls some more and some edges
  • minimized Raspberry Pi's shelf(should make supports much easier)

Update 1: -added a "slot" to the right inner wall to allow the SKR board to be more easily installed. first version had clearance issues when installing the SKR mini board -added holes for the USB-C and 1 of the HDMI ports for the Raspberry Pi. -cleaned up the sides a bit. -widened the holes for USB and ethernet ports for the Pi (for better fit) -improved the custom supports in the 3mf file

31 Likes143 DownloadsNovember 3, 2020

31 Likes143 DownloadsNovember 3, 2020