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Holey Cube 50mm.3mf

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Holey Cube 50mm.3mf 3d model
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1 Likes22 DownloadsFebruary 27, 2022

There's already a mess of infinity cubes out there but I needed an excuse to mess about with print in place hinges and bridging. Hence my humble offering.

I totally borrowed the design from mjdargen over on instructables. The tutorial is pretty easy, though I didn't follow it too closely. I think a tinkercad version would be pretty easy too as the shapes aren't complex.

For added excitement, I took out the insides because I liked the structure that resulted. Caution: When I sliced this model with PrusaSlicer half of the bridges were done in the wrong direction and a little messy as a result. SuperSlicer doesn't have this problem.

** Heads up: ** You need to add supports for the upper floating hinges (on the top surface).

I've included both the Fusion360 file and a STEP version in case you want to modify things.

All are designed with a 0.2mm layer height for clearance. If you want to change this, you have to modify the clearance parameter in the CAD file.


1 Likes22 DownloadsFebruary 27, 2022

1 Likes22 DownloadsFebruary 27, 2022