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HGPDesign v2.stl 3d model
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0 Likes4 DownloadsMarch 30, 2021


This is my 1st entry for the contest, using Joel's directions to create the base ring. The unique idea of my design is to use a plug design to cover up the mounting screws and attach the cover to the base ring at the same time. To ensure clearance with the M4/M5 screws, I have extended the height of the caps. Please know that this design will most likely need to be printed using support material.

Design Considerations: I tried to apply the triangular theme of the speakers consistent with the cover, and create a "cover within a cover" design which creates a nice visual effect. In addition, one of my goals was to cover up the screw holes, while also still allowing access to them. This cover is designed to be easy to install and remove if needed, or if Joel prefers, to glue in place.

0 Likes4 DownloadsMarch 30, 2021

0 Likes4 DownloadsMarch 30, 2021