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Ikea Lival Lamp Arm Base

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Ikea Lival Lamp Arm Base 3d model
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0 Likes3 DownloadsMarch 16, 2022

So I have had an old discontinued Ikea Lival Lamp lying dormant for years as the articulated arm to clamp base snapped as it was just thin stamped metal.

So i finally got round to modelling and printing a replacement.

I have included the Fusion 360 file and a STEP file if anyone wants to mod.

You will either need longer than original M4 bolts or 6x4 threaded inserts you can melt into one side of the base having widened the holes accordingly. This should allow you to use the oroginal bolts.

Printed in PLA @ 100% infill for strength.

Lay model flat so the round peg is on the print bed and the arm holes are highest area on Z axis for addit strength.

0 Likes3 DownloadsMarch 16, 2022

0 Likes3 DownloadsMarch 16, 2022