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Hextraction: The Sorting Tile



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Hextraction: The Sorting Tile  by ZackFreedman full viewable 3d model
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Hextraction: The Sorting Tile  3d model
Hextraction: The Sorting Tile  3d model

38 Likes15 DownloadsJuly 25, 2023

Filter the imperial wimps from the metric kings (or vice-versa) with this smart premium tile for Hextraction, the hackable 3D-printable board game. This is tile 2 of 5 in Booster Pack 3: Practical F-Hex.

One of the top tile ideas has finally come true! The Sorting Tile sends 10mm balls one way, and 3/8" balls the other, using nothing but gravity. It creates some weird gameplay, and it's useful for sorting out everyone's balls after the game. No mechanisms, no effects, no mercy!

For textual clarity, the Sorting Tile prints without lettering. Instead, print your choice of Applique and glue it on. Your choices are:

  • Murican for folks with FREEDOM as expressed in fractions of some guy's thumb.
  • Non-Muricanfor folks who don't go bankrupt the instant they enter an ambulance.
  • Centrist for the enlightened few, too lofty and/or wimpy to form an opinion.

After planting your flag, pick how you'd like to print it:

  • 2-Color if you have a multi-material machine. Simultaneously drag the Blank Applique and your choice of Lettering into your slicer and pick "multi-part model" or whatever.
  • 1-Color if you don't. Remember to pause the model and switch to a contrasting filament for the lettering!

If you'd like to edit the tile, the source is here: While you're free to re-distribute the tile outside Thangs' paywall, I'd like to ask that you at least modify it a bit. The more people buy Booster Packs, the more time I can devote to making more.

38 Likes15 DownloadsJuly 25, 2023

38 Likes15 DownloadsJuly 25, 2023