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Dactyl-ManuForm 5x6 Mechanical Keyboard

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Dactyl-ManuForm 5x6 Mechanical Keyboard 3d model
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349 Likes2.2K DownloadsJanuary 24, 2021

Designed by Tom Short and uploaded as permitted under the Creative Commons Attribution license.

The most ergonomic open-hardware keyboard on the Internet is yours for the making. Be warned: Detailed assembly instructions are not available for this keyboard, and I recommend it for experienced keyboard builders.

The Dactyl ManuForm may look wild, but it's really just an Ergodox-style keyboard, warped and bent into a hand-cradling, comfortably-tented configuration. This is the 5x6 version, which actually has four rows of six keys under each finger.

You'll need one each of the Left, Right, Left Bottom Plate, and Right Bottom Plate. If you have access to a laser cutter, the designer recommends cutting bottom plates from the included DXF files from 3mm acrylic. Otherwise, print the STL bottom plates from the stiffest material available.

In addition to the printed parts, you'll need: 56x Cherry MX-compatible switches. I used Kailh Box Jade - 56x Diodes - I used 1N4148 - 52x Cherry-compatible keycaps, 1u 4x Cherry-compatible keycaps, 1.25u 10x 5mm-long M3 screws - 10x M3 heat-set inserts - 2x Arduino Pro Micro - Rubber feet - Solid-core wire Solder and soldering gear Note: These are affiliate links

For more information, including the Clojure scripts used to generate these STL's, visit the repository at

The Dactyl Manuform is copyright 2017 Tom Short, based on the Dactyl by Matt Adereth. The code used to generate these models is licensed GNU GPL and the models themselves are licensed Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial Share-Alike.

349 Likes2.2K DownloadsJanuary 24, 2021

349 Likes2.2K DownloadsJanuary 24, 2021