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Game Night Just Got a Heartfelt Upgrade!

Game Night Just Got a Heartfelt Upgrade!

Hey Thangs Fam,

Tessa here, with a quick share that's both fun and impactful! 🌟

Inspired by the Easter Bilby Project, I've designed a 3D printable bilby game piece that's perfect for your fav board games. It's a small way we can spotlight the plight of Australia's endangered bilbies, right from our game tables.

Why bilbies? They're adorable, in danger, and as an Aussie, this cause hits close to home. Plus, these pieces are:

  • Super easy to print (no supports needed!)
  • Perfect with standard settings (0.2 layer height, but tweak as you like!)
  • And most importantly, they're a blast to use!

#BilbyLove in every game night? Yes, please! Let's spread the word and save these cuties together.

Catch ya on the flip side,
Tessa (SparkyFace5)

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