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Dewey & Louie Classic Rock!

Dewey & Louie Classic Rock!

Kicking off 2024 with a new series and a new collaboration and what better theme than DuckTales?! A series that spans generations that can bring us all together with a smile.

Up for some good natured Duckky Mischief and fun?
I need your help to fly them to the top of the leader board! We get points for likes, downloads and follows of this weeks models. If you haven't already... you know what to do ;)

What's this about a collaboration?
While I'm working on the classic, Pixel&Plastic are drumming up the new styles to match, same scale and all. This is an ongoing project with loads of possibility to expand, TailSpin, Darkwing Duck.. a whole duckverse awaits!! So make sure to keep an eye on both our pages to keep up to date and ensure you can collect all the models on both sides!

pssssst: Having fun and enjoying my work? Want to help me continue producing more Spark-tastic 3d printable models? Check out my membership options something for everyone and every little bit helps.