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🚺 International Women's Day 🚺

🚺 International Women's Day 🚺

Hello friends!

Since March is approaching and it's the month in which women are celebrated, I thought to give my little contribution for the occasion, creating something for the International Women's Day that I'm happy to share with all of you ☺️

International Women's Day is an important time to celebrate the successes and achievements of women around the world, but it's also an occasion to reflect on the power of female unity.

International Women's Day_7.jpgWhen united, we become stronger and able to face all kinds of challenges and adversities that life presents.

Mutual support is the key to be able to grow together and make the difference.

And, with this model, although it might apparently look simple, it is exactly what I wanted to express ☺️

International Women's Day_8.jpgI hope you will enjoy printing my creation and celebrate every important women in your lives ☺️

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Have a great weekend and happy printing!

- Luisa