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🐲 Maneki Tatsu (Lucky Dragon) 🐲

🐲 Maneki Tatsu (Lucky Dragon) 🐲

Greetings my dears! πŸ˜ƒ

It is with great pride and happiness that I can finally share my new creation with all of you!

New Year, New Mascot inspired by the Chinese Calendar!

Here's the Maneki Tatsu (Lucky Dragon), a captivating blend of mythical charm and good fortune.

Just like its feline counterpart known as Maneki Neko, I created this dragon figure in a welcoming pose, one paw elegantly raised to invite good fortune and blessings, while the other paw rests firmly on the gold plate, symbolizing stability and financial well-being.

The dragon's eyes sparkle with friendliness and its gentle smile radiates an aura of benevolence.

Whether gracing the shelves of homes or businesses, I hope the Maneki Tatsu can bring only positive energies and repel any negativity for this year.

May this adorable puffy darling bring peace and prosperity to all! 🐲


Support needed, mostly under its chin and the upper paw.

Model Link:

In your download folder you can also find the projects for the Bambu Studio to print the file with 4 colors on the X1C, A1 and A1 mini.

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Happy printing!

- Luisa