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Revised Keychains :)

Hello everybody! I updated the old models where I added depth so that it is possible to print on any printer, in multicolor or singlecolor.I'm open to suggestions and ideas if you want to see specific content.Enjoy!Happy Printing and thank you for your support!

Have you checked the new designs? :)

Have you checked out my new 3D model designs on Thangs? If you want to I left the link above hope you like it! I upload about 15 designs a month (maybe more!) If, and during the time you are subscribed to one of the plans you can sell the printed models you print from the file. File sells are not a

Happy 2024!

Happy 2024!

Wish all a Happy New Year full of joy, health and everything you desire! Thank you for the support and I hope you will be happy with your makes and will continue to work hard to deliver content that you like!