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Anuj G

Bird Feeder

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Bird Feeder 3d model
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6 Likes15 DownloadsJuly 2, 2021

From planting seeds to watering the plants to grooming the stems all tools of a #garden have been covered, but what is a garden without the birds chirping around; and to keep them chirping and fed, here is a design for the #garden challenge: The bird feeder.

This feeder can be 3d printed from top to bottom. The only external component it requires is a string to hold to a post. Taking additional care and preventing other animals from stealing the bird food, the feeder has been designed in such a way that when the unwanted guests arrive to eat the bird food, the outer cage would drop down and close the opening to the food inside, and when they leave, the in-built spring mechanism kick in to pull the outer cage back up and allow the birds to have their meal back.

#garden #tool

6 Likes15 DownloadsJuly 2, 2021

6 Likes15 DownloadsJuly 2, 2021