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T-Mobile Trash Can Router 120mm Fan Adapter V2

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T-Mobile Trash Can Router 120mm Fan Adapter V2 3d model
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0 Likes9 DownloadsMarch 1, 2022

  • This is version 2, it extends the outer rim of the top section, to encompass the very base of the router, and removes the middle circular section, so it should provide more cooling than version 1.

If you have T-Mobile Internet, then you most likely have this router, and as most of us know most electronics don't function well with being exposed to excessive heat. This router gets very hot and is only passively cooled. This means The router will not function at peak performance so that's why I designed this, a 120mm fan adapter that pushes air up through the router and cools the device.

I saw an almost immediate difference in ping time, download and upload speeds have improved 10-20%, and the router is now cool to the touch, which wasn't the case before.

It's designed in three parts and can be easily printed on most printers, no support is needed, and regular PLA will do the job, as long as you're not planning to put it into direct sunlight, if you are get a better-suited filament for being exposed to sunlight

0 Likes9 DownloadsMarch 1, 2022

0 Likes9 DownloadsMarch 1, 2022