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$40 Gift card for the best make!

$40 Gift card for the best make!

Reactor was released today and I want you to make it!

This is a fun piece of functional art. The bowl has 2 versions included, one solid and the other an open bottom with cap for corded lights. A tealight will light this up, so you have plenty of options for your make! The listing even includes the 8 color AMS example you see here!

I'm giving away a $40 Bambu Gift Card for the best make posted to the model page before 4/5/24. I'll review on 4/6 at a random time all the likes on your makes. The one with the most likes will get the gift card. In the event of a tie, I will decide the tie breaker.

This is easy! Get printing and have your friends like your make. You might even win an award for Thangs in their contest if your make tops the leaderboard. So why wait? Start printing reactor today!