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Oculus Quest 2 Ram Air Cooler



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Oculus Quest 2 Ram Air Cooler 3d model
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This model is restricted by licensing terms. 
This model is restricted by licensing terms. 

2 Likes11 DownloadsApril 19, 2022

Model originally uploaded to Thingiverse at

Wassup fellow armchair engineers.

This is a quest 2 interface cooler I designed. This is currently an industrial fan for your eyeballs. Your eyeballs are going to wish you were sweating your ass off when this thing is going full blast if only for some moisture. It is recommend to cover the inlet of the blowers with some tape or use the 7mm blower to CPAP adapter, if you can blink a lot I would recommend the 10mm. I'm working on a different version that will have adjustable airflow, just putting this here for my Beatsaber and Thrill of the Fight sweats, those homies could use it. I kinda doubt anyone will print this, people just want STLs to collect them I guess...

Shopping list is down below, obviously if you have a different battery pack or USB extension cable that will be fine, I got this one based on the sole reason that its green. If you want to make an aliexpress list, drop it in the comments, I'm not making one sorry.

USB extension cable

Anker Battery Pack (this one can charge a quest while its in use, highly recommend)

VRcover Brand interface (I used one of their cool XG foam replacements, but the regualar ones will work too)

Heavy Duty Velcro Stickers (Just cut up the "hook" side into strips and place them around the interface)

USB splitter (if you are comfy with soldering you can always solder the fans together)

CPAP tubing (any CPAP tubing will work as long as it is 22mm)

5v blower fans (fans)

8-in cable ties (amazon basics was sold out, try these)

2x M5 x 50mm bolt 2x M5 nut 2x M3 x 20mm bolt 2x M3 nut

If you have questions about the build process, ask and I'll answer. I did not include build instructions because I figured I included enough photos.

FAQ: Q: Its too complicated. A: That's not a Q but thanks, I don't care.

Q: How does it work? A: Battery power fan. Fan push air down tube. Tube deliver air to face. Air cool face = less sweat.

Q: How difficult of a print is the interface? A: It's tricky, chuck on a raft and full supports and it should turn out fine.

Q: How did you get the fans like that? A: Great question ImmenseFiend, the two fans intakes are actually facing each other, the blower spacer has open areas for the fans to still suck in air and each fan is is less likely to eat fingers in this configuration.

Q: How much does it weigh? A: Yer mom

Q: No seriously how much does it weigh? A: About 230g, you could remove about 70g off of it by cutting the excess UBS cables and soldering the fans directly

Q: Will you make a video about this? A: Probably not, air is invisible so you'd have to take my word for it on if its actually working regardless. I could be persuaded into a 360 video and a beat saber expert plus with or without comparison tho.

Q: Why are you doing an FAQ with yourself? A: I prefer the interview format.

Q: Does this work with "XYZ headset"? A: No but heres the link to the ducts I designed and used for this project so that you can design your own interface for your headset:

Because the thingivere remix option is broken, I was unable to provide the proper sources. I used this Quest 2 interface 3D scan in this project:

2 Likes11 DownloadsApril 19, 2022

This model is restricted by licensing terms. 
This model is restricted by licensing terms. 

2 Likes11 DownloadsApril 19, 2022