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Fixed that little line that sometimes shows up on outer walls!

Watch the update video here

I get asked about this issue quite often, but I finally found a fix thanks to a suggestion from one of my members (shoutout Juisebox)! This little line is really only noticeable on 2 or 3 of my designs so I’ll be updating those first, but all planters will be updated with this fix soon.

I'll be starting with the Quilted and the Simple planters. Those are really the only two I see the line show up on, but let me know if there are others you'd like me to prioritize!

I'll be updating this post as I update the models with this fix. Here are the ones that have been updated so far:

  • Simple Planter
  • Quilted Planter
  • Twisted Deco Planter
  • The Ellwood


Jessica Blattner

Is there a setting we can change when we print them to fix it while you are working on updating them? I just printed the Wave wall vase and it has a really squiggly seam right on the front. Even if the seam could be on the back I think that would help a lot. Thank you!

Brian H

Hey! Are you referring to the Z seam? The squiggly line that runs vertically? If so, you can change the position to the back in your slicer.

Jessica B

OK, I will see if I can find that, thanks!

Ferraro Arts

Hmm, did you update them all? I seem to still be getting a line towards the very bottom on the outside of several of them, I assume that’s what you’re talking about


Can we use your product photos for our sales.Thank you for your attention.


Thank you so much! ❤️


I just printed out some monstera magnets and noticed lines on the top. In a zig zag. Is this from my printer or from the file? Thanks so much!

Brian H

That would be a setting! I'd try ironing the top surface and using a different top surface pattern like monotonic.